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Do you already own an iPhone or iPod Touch and are planning on buying an iPad, too? Then you need to know about the new "universal" applications now available in the iTunes App Store. These combo apps for Apple's line of mobile devices are basically "buy one, get one free" deals except for one small difference - both apps are bundled into one download. When you run the universal application on a small-screened device, you'll see the iPhone version and when you run the app on your iPad, you'll see the larger, iPad-only version. And these won't just be blown up, oversized iPhone apps either - they'll be custom designed apps made specifically for the iPad.



The App Store and Mac App Store are available in over 120 countries, support 40 languages, and have the ability to handle international payment, currency conversion, taxation, and global distribution — making it easy for you to expand your business by selling apps to millions of users around the world.




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