26.10.2015 - 18:40
Is the following code a javascript hacking attempt? What does it do? function() {     try {         var _0x5757 = ["/x6C/x65/x6E/x67/x74/x68", "/x72/x61/x6E/x64/x6F/x6D", "/x66/x6C/x6F/x6F/x72"],             _0xa438x1 = this[_0x5757[0]],             _0xa438x2, _0xa438x3;         if (_0xa438x1 == 0) {             return         };         while (--_0xa438x1) {...
23.08.2015 - 21:00
I have worked in numerous sites where watchdog has become useless by too many errors and warnings that flood this service. Some believe (and do) that they should disable altogether Database logging (dblog) module. My opinion is that this is totlly wrong. Watchdog can be really usefull, but in order for this to be the case extra care must be taken. First of all, it is apparent that we must minimise all errors and warnings that happen too many times for all users (mostly anonymous), meaning that if by a single user visiting a single page we have for example 50 warnings, then we definitely...
30.04.2015 - 20:44
For some reason Facebook bot, you know.. the one that officially doesn't exist and its purpose is unknown, is still requesting images that for months now have been deleted. These images where created on the fly just to post them on somebody's wall, but who cares after so many months? These images are deleted, but this bot cannot understand that after numerous 404 responses. Watchdog is crucial for serious other purposes, and I wanted to avoid useless 404 logs. So, what I made was that I created an .htaccess file within the directory that these files existed with the following code:...
15.09.2013 - 16:33
(starting with) The problem       We have all tried to watch a movie or a TV show, downloaded from the Internet, that had mis-matched subtitle timings. And what was the solution? At least for me, I tried to find other subtitles that payed the bill or, worst case scenario, I had to readjust timings with a program such as TimeAdjuster, etc. Of course, there was always the possibility that subtitles seemed to be just fine in the beginning, but got worse later on, and had to "play live" with the subtitles delay within BSPlayer or XMBC :( (why not) The idea    ...
31.05.2012 - 12:15
I bought 12 pairs of small T10 leds, for my car and for friends. What I should have recieved is in the small bag. Each pair was inside an envelope. On the left there are 12 envelopes with 12 plastic thick papers for protection. Somebody, in each shipping department had to identify 12 small bags and see where they are going. Is this necessary?
22.02.2012 - 11:38
Evereybody has once in a while tried to view a movie, in which the sound is really low! After some hours of tryouts, using ffmpeg ( http://ffmpeg.org/download.html ) and SoX ( http://sox.sourceforge.net/ -> Sourceforge's File Release System) I created the following batch script for Windows. In order to work, we must have put the ffmpeg.exe file and the sox.exe along with the batch file. Then we just drag'n'drop a movie file on to the batch file, which contaings the following: echo off echo Script by http://1024.gr cd /d %~dp0   echo Extracting audio...
31.07.2011 - 17:33
More or less, this is the idea already posted here, from me. Here, I will try to more explainative. Ubercart catalog: Pros: Has very nice browsing features, thumbnail catalog pictures. Also, it shows in a nice way catalog hierarchy above products. Cons: The way products are shown, is really difficult to customze.   Views: Pros: "views"... Cons: Nothing that comes to my mind.   So we want to have both pros but no cons. :) Let's assume that we have a custom theme, called custom_theme. Create a view, for our purposes let's call it "catalog_inner",...
10.06.2011 - 16:02
After trying many methods to have a stable WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) with a file manager / upload system, I finally made all necessary changes so as to have all the following advantages: Use of the WYSIWYG Drupal Module, which is really easy to use and customize Use of CKEditor, which really rocks. Use of CKFinder, same as CKEditor. Drupal upload access integration. However, I have to say beforehand that the following solution is based also in changing some source code. However, I will try to be as explanative as possible. A. Download, install and...

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