E-shop for a high technology start-up focused on innovation in digital audio technologies.

Printing services on canvas, poster and wallpaper. Multilingual, custom work. Javascript expertise by Alexandra Tiligadi

An architect's portfolio

Payment module for Viva Payments

A module that implements Viva  Payments redirection API, for paying with VISA. Get more info

Payment module for Alphabank, Greece

A module that implements Alphabank Deltapay redirection API, for paying with VISA. Get more info

XML Interface API

Drupal module to publish Commerce products to the e-shop service. Get More Info


Dialectal map of the island of Lesbos

Payment module for Eurobank, Greece

A module that implements Eurobank Redirection API, for paying with VISA

Biblionet bot module

A module that imports automatically books from bibli, as Drupal products. Get More Info

6th International Summer School

6th International Summer School on Emerging Technologies in Biomedicine, “Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Approaches for the Analysis of...

Korais Dictionary

Greek to English dictionary, for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Online e-shop

Online e-shop

Small industry

A free service by

Αccountancy firm

Clown Froufrou, fully constructed with Flash

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